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Many states are now requiring opioid prescriptions to be electronically prescribed, and the Federal Government will require it by January 2021. HST has incorporated this requirement into HST eChart. Introducing:

HST ePrescribe powered by DoseSpot.

This solution is a subscription service charged monthly to your Center by HST. Each prescribing provider will incur a $60 monthly fee if they will be prescribing controlled substances (EPCS) or a $20 monthly fee for non-controlled substances. There is a one-time installation fee of $500.

All registered non-prescribing clinicians (proxy users) who will be using DoseSpot to input the preferred pharmacy and obtain the patient’s prescription history do NOT have a fee.

Your Center may have as many proxy users as you choose, as long as there is at least one registered EPCS prescribing physician.

Enter your information below to receive your HST ePrescribe powered by DoseSpot addendum. Once signed, your HST trainer will reach out for the final steps! 

Before signing the HST ePrescribe addendum, please ensure you: 

  • Have the signing authority for your center
  • Authorize HST to register your center to DoseSpot
  • Understand that your center may terminate the use of HST ePrescribe by giving HST a 30-day notice.
  • Already have HST eChart

 If you run into any challenges, reach out to